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All across the country, a new crop of food producers are reviving the traditional crafts of preserving, brewing, roasting and distilling.

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Good Food Guild

crafters united in commerce and community

The Guild fosters, distinguishes and unites tasty, authentic and responsible food crafters, offering concrete support for their businesses and amplifying the impact of their individual choices to do what’s right rather than what’s easy. A variety of benefits await the values-based businesses that join the Guild, from the chance to show at the industry-only Good Food Mercantiles three times a year to a free listing on Good Food Jobs, to discounts on everything from chic compostables to carefully sourced spices traceable to the farm level.

With nearly 500 members making everything from pickled okra to brass-extruded Khourasian wheat pasta to waste obliterating (and delicious!) whey-based popsicles, Guild Members are united in their commitment to meet or exceed the Good Food Foundation Standards for tasty, authentic and responsible food. Hailing from nearly all 50 states and D.C., they are an economic force shaping the American food culture for the better.

Membership Details

I'm Small ($130/year)

And that’s suits me just fine

  • A national community of like-minded businesses and marketplaces.
  • How-to videos and templates on business basics to help you grow.

I’m Growing ($250/year)

At a very fast pace

  • A bridge to regional and national buyers
  • A way to distinguish products on shelves
  • Discount on job postings to find great new staff at

I'm Big ($450/year)

And making good food

  • Be recognized as a leader
  • Help the Good Food movement grow
  • Become even more sustainable

Thinking of joining us?

We'd love to have you

The Guild application will take about 15 minutes to complete, as we ask you to share more about your company and its commitment to social and responsible practices. Membership dues are based on company size, ranging from $130 to $450.

All applicants also have a one time, $50 application fee, which allows our team to spend time reviewing each potential member’s sustainability and social responsibility practices, look into their ingredient sources, and generally ensure each member is upholding the high standards that the Good Food Awards and Good Food Foundation is known for.

If you choose to both enter the Good Food Awards and apply for the Good Food Guild during the annual entry period of June, we are offering a special offer where the $50 entry fee is waived. It’s also the perfect moment to take advantage of one of the most popular Guild benefits, a free entry into the Good Food Awards ($105 value). In order to have the application fee waived, you must apply via the Good Food Awards entry form and pay for your entries and membership together.