Introducing the

2022 Finalists

Selected from 1,966 entries to the 12th annual Good Food Awards, these 351 products represent 42 states plus D.C. and have passed vetting for category-specific sustainability standards.


Almanac Beer Co., Blueberry Sierra, California

Cerebral Brewing, Invisible Hand, Colorado

Chrysalis Barrel Aged Beer, Teya Chamomile Sour Saison, Colorado

Eel River Brewing Company, Organic California Blonde Ale, California

Eel River Brewing Company, Sinuous Roots Apple Brandy Barrel Aged Belgian Trippel, California

Fernson Brewing Company, Curio – A Sour Ale, South Dakota

Fernson Brewing Company, Lion’s Paw Lager, South Dakota

Firestone Walker Brewing Company, Feral One 2021, California

Fullsteam Brewery, American Chestnut, North Carolina

Fullsteam Brewery, Common Good, North Carolina

Lakefront Brewery, Wisconsinite Weiss, Wisconsin

Maine Beer Company, Wolfe’s Neck IPA, Maine

Other Brother Beer Co., Cerveza La Reina, California

Our Mutual Friend Brewing Company, Zappa Weirding Way, Colorado

Pond Farm Brewing Co., ESB, California

Pond Farm Brewing Co., The Pivot Pale Ale, California

Port City Brewing Company, Monumental IPA, Virginia

Port City Brewing Company, Porter, Virginia

Vista Brewing, Stonewall – Lambic-Style Ale with Texas Peaches, Texas

Vista Brewing, Dark Skies – Black Pilsner, Texas


Agricola Meats, Salame Classico, Vermont

Alef Sausage, Uncured Harissa Wagyu Beef Salami, Illinois

American Butcher, Olive Salami, Alabama

Beltex Meats, Bresaola, Utah

Beltex Meats, Cacciatore, Utah

Casero Austin, Texas Pate, Texas

Casero Austin, Chicken Liver Pâté with Herbs & Whiskey, Texas

Cure Cooking, Suffolk Black Sirloin Bacon, Nebraska

Cure Cooking, Culatello, Nebraska

Electric City Butcher, Coppa di Testa, California

Fabrique Delices, Rosette de Lyon, California

Farmer’s Daughter, Liver Cheese, West Virginia

Fra’ Mani Handcrafted Foods, Soppressata, California

Gilbert & Bernard, Wild Mushroom Pâté, New York

Journeyman Meat Company, Estate Beef Teriyaki Snack Sticks, California

Lady Edison, Sherry Bacon, North Carolina

Lady Edison, Spanish Town Kitchen Jerk Bacon, North Carolina

Les Trois Petits Cochons, Petit Salami Classic, New York

Marin Sun Farms, Smoky Pork Jowl Bacon, California

New England Charcuterie, Lomo, New Hampshire

North Country Charcuterie, Herbed Wagyu Bresaola, Ohio

North Country Smokehouse, Organic Applewood Smoked Sugar Free Bacon, New Hampshire

Olympia Provisions, Chorizo Andalucia, Oregon

Smoking Goose Meatery, Guanciale, Indiana

Tails & Trotters, Applewood Smoked Rustic Bacon, Oregon

Tails & Trotters, Culatta Pacifico Petite Boneless Prosciutto, Oregon

Tempesta Artisan Salumi, Mortadella with Pistacchio, Illinois

Texas Iberico, Dry Cured Guanciale, Texas

The Baconer, Smoky Paprika XXL Bacon Steaks, California

The Local Butcher Shop, Chicken Pistachio + Gizzard Pate, California

The Spotted Trotter, Black Pepper Sorghum Salami, Georgia

The Spotted Trotter, Calabrian Salami, Georgia

Underground Meats, Black Garlic Salami, Wisconsin


Bellwether Farms, Whole Milk Basket Ricotta, California

Berle Farm, BerleBerg, New York

Bivalve Dairy, Seahaven Cheese, California

Blackberry Farm, Herbed Tomme, Tennessee

Blackberry Farm, Brebis, Tennessee

Blakesville Creamery, Sunny Ridge, Wisconsin

Briar Rose Creamery, Brebis, Oregon

Briar Rose Creamery, Sheep Milk Feta, Oregon

Capriole, O’Banon, Indiana

Capriole, Piper’s Pyramide, Indiana

Cascadia Creamery, Glacier Blue, Washington

Cellars at Jasper Hill Farm, Highlander, Vermont

Daniel’s Artisan, Fuego, Washington

Daniel’s Artisan, Reserve, Washington

Jacobs And Brichford Farmstead Cheese, Ameribella, Indiana

Laura Chenel, Thyme & Rosemary Marinated Goat Cheese, California

Nettle Meadow Farm, Kunik, New York

Pennyroyal Farm, Vintage Boont Corners, California

Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company, TomaRashi, California

Redhead Creamery, Clothbound Garlic Cheddar, Minnesota

Rogue Creamery, Caveman Blue, Oregon

Rogue Creamery, Jefferson 2 Year Cheddar, Oregon

Sweet Grass Dairy, Green Hill, Georgia

Sweet Grass Dairy, Griffin, Georgia

The Grey Barn And Farm, Prufrock, Massachusetts

Tulip Tree Creamery, Nightshade, Indiana

Uplands Cheese, Pleasant Ridge Reserve, Wisconsin

Vermont Creamery, Bijou, Vermont

Vermont Creamery, Cremont, Vermont

von Trapp Farmstead, Mad River Blue, Vermont

Working Cows Dairy, Slocomb Tomato & Garlic Cheese, Alabama


Askinosie Chocolate, 72% Mababu, Tanzania Dark Chocolate Bar, Missouri

Bakery Nouveau, Superior Cacao 80% Signature Blend, Washington

Bibamba Artisan Chocolate, Best of Both Beans, Colorado

Bibamba Artisan Chocolate, Jungle Crunch, Colorado

Bixby Chocolate, Vanilla Crème Brûlée, Maine

Creo Chocolate, Mocha Dark Milk Chocolate Bar, Oregon

Creo Chocolate, “Classic” Milk Chocolate 46%, Oregon

Crow & Moss Chocolate, Dominican Republic Zorzal 70%, Michigan

Dandelion Chocolate, Costa Esmeraldas, Ecuador – 2018 – 70%, California

Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate, Hazelnut Milk Chocolate, California

Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate, Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate, California

Eclat Chocolate, First Harvest, Pennsylvania

Escazú Artisan Chocolates, Single Origin, 80% Rio Caribe, Venezuela, North Carolina

Fruition Chocolate Works, Madagascar Sambirano 74% Dark Chocolate, New York

Fruition Chocolate Works, Wild Forest Bolivia 74% Dark Chocolate, New York

Goodnow Farms Chocolate, Boyaca, 73%, Massachusetts

LetterPress Chocolate, Tranquilidad 70% Dark, California

Lumineux Chocolate, 72% India Dark Chocolate, South Carolina

Madhu Chocolate, Idukki Black Pepper – 68% Cacao, Texas

Maui Ku’ia Estate Chocolate, Maui Ku’ia Estate 70% Dark – 2020 Spring Harvest, Hawaii

Maverick Chocolate Company, Prohibition Dark Milk Chocolate, Ohio

Moku Chocolate, Dark Milk Chocolate, Oregon

Monsoon Chocolate, Ucayali Peru 72% Dark Chocolate, Arizona

Raphio Chocolate, 52% Dark Milk Chocolate with Almond Biscotti Crumbles, California

Seahorse Chocolate, Vietnam, Ben Tre 70%, Oregon

Seahorse Chocolate, Trinidad, Rio Claro Fermentary, Gewan Gangaram 75%, Oregon

Videri Chocolate Factory, 75% Single Origin Dark Chocolate – Dominican Republic, Zorzal, North Carolina

Wild Blue Chocolate, 75% Guatemala, San Juan Chivite, Virginia


Artifact Cider Project, Slow Down, Massachusetts

Bauman’s Cider Co, McIntosh Single Varietal, Oregon

Big B’s Hard Cider, Bourbon Barrel Aged Pommeau, Colorado

Big B’s Hard Cider, Colo-Fornia Single Variety Gravenstein Hard Cider, Colorado

Big B’s Hard Cider, One Night Fruit Stand, Colorado

Botanist & Barrel, The Farmers Orchard Cider, North Carolina

Champlain Orchards, Ettersburg, Vermont

Champlain Orchards, Honeycrisp, Vermont

Coturri Winery, Aeplz Cider, California

Eden Specialty Ciders, Northern Spy Barrel-Aged Ice Cider, Vermont

Eden Specialty Ciders, Windfall Orchard Farmhouse Cider, Vermont

Farmstead Cider, Bitter Local Cider, Wyoming

Farmstead Cider, Rafter J Cider, Wyoming

Farmstead Cider, Red Canyon Nan’s, Wyoming

Finnriver Cidery, Black Oak, Washington

Finnriver Cidery, Fire Barrel, Washington

Finnriver Cidery, Perry, Washington

Gypsy Circus Cider Company, Single Origin: Black Twig Bone Dry, Tennessee

Liberty Ciderworks, Artisan Series Kingston Black, Washington

North American Press, Wildcard, California

Ragged Hill Cider Company, Ice Cider, Massachusetts

Ragged Hill Cider Company, Pommes D’Or, Massachusetts

Raging Cider & Mead Co, Season Recap Pét-Nat, California

Snow Capped Cider, Blanc Mollet, Colorado

Stormalong Cider, Little Trees Blend, Massachusetts

Stormalong Cider, Wickson Single Varietal, Massachusetts

Troddenvale at Oakley Farm, 2019 Kieffer Country Wine, Virginia

Troddenvale at Oakley Farm, Grower Series: Victor Gaines 2019, Virginia

Troddenvale at Oakley Farm, Special Edition No. 4, Virginia

Wise Bird Cider Co., Royal Red, Kentucky


Acorn Coffee Club, Las Lajas – Yellow Honey, Costa Rica, Minnesota

Bard Coffee, Ethiopia Duromina, Maine

Beanstock Coffee Roasters, Mexican Marco Cadena, Massachusetts

Cirque Coffee, Weirdo Blend, Oklahoma

Cloud City Coffee Roasting, Ethiopia Lecho Torka Fully Washed, Washington

Coffee By Design, Kenya Nyeri Kiandu AA, Maine

Cutbow Coffee Roastology, Costa Rica Natural Process, New Mexico

Giv Coffee, Ethiopia, Keramo, Connecticut

H+S Coffee Roasters, Colombia Ernedis Rodriguez, Finca El Paraiso, Wyoming

Higher Grounds Trading Co., Cariño, Michigan

Higher Grounds Trading Co., Karla Portillo, Michigan

JBC Coffee Roasters, Las Margaritas Sudan Rume, Wisconsin

Linea Coffee, Organic Ethiopia Bire Forest, California

Mikava, Santuario Gesha, Oregon

Mr. Espresso, Organic Ethiopia Shantewene, Natural Process, California

Mr. Espresso, Organic Guatemala CODECH – Women’s Lot, California

Noble Coffee Roasting, Kenyan ‘Muiri Estate’ {Peaberry}, Oregon

Noble Coyote Coffee Roasters, Panama Bambito Estate Typica, Texas

Per’La Specialty Roasters, Ethiopia Bombe, Florida

Progeny Coffee, Piñita, California

SkyTop Coffee, Finca Santa Maria, New York

The Mad Priest Coffee Roasters, Yemenia Bait Alal Special Reserve, Tennessee

Three Keys Coffee, “Embracing Boldness” – Ethiopia Goraa Natural, Texas

Wesley Andrews Coffee, Kenya Othaya Chinga, Minnesota

Zoka Coffee, Ethiopian Kossa Geshe, Washington


Anellabees, Honey Caramel, Colorado

Batch PDX, Black Sesame Toffee Brittle, Oregon

Batch PDX, Hazelnut Cookie Dough, Oregon

Batch PDX, Pumpkin Pecan Pie, Oregon

Big Island Coffee Roasters, Classic Espresso Bites, Hawaii

Blissfully Better, Crunchy Quinoa Toffee Thins, New Jersey

Chocolatay Confections, Coconut Bliss Bar, North Carolina

Chukar Cherry Company, Organic Chocolate Tart Cherries, Washington

Coco Jolie, Baharat Spiced Caramels, New Jersey

Coco Jolie, Hazelnut Espresso Snack Bar, New Jersey

Coco Jolie, Passion Fruit Bonbon, New Jersey

Dandelion Chocolate, Kokoa Kamili, Tanzania Single-Origin Truffles, California

Dandelion Chocolate, Single-Origin Chocolate Hazelnut Spread, California

Dandelion Chocolate, Tumaco, Colombia Single-Origin Truffles, California

Eclat Chocolate, June Bugs, Pennsylvania

Eclat Chocolate, Peanut Butter Mondiant, Pennsylvania

Exquisito Chocolates, Dr. Reese’s, Florida

Exquisito Chocolates, Not-tella Cups, Florida

Exquisito Chocolates, Tumaco Brown Butter Chocolate Bar, Florida

FARM Chocolate, Rosemary Pecan Caramel, California

Fraga Farmstead Creamery, Goat’s Milk Caramel, Oregon

French Broad Chocolates, Vanilla Bourbon Caramel, North Carolina

Honey Mama’s, Cherry Hazelnut Bar, Oregon

JARDI Chocolates, Herbs de Provence Truffle, Georgia

Kakao Chocolate, Moscow Mule Truffle, Missouri

Kakao Chocolate, Stout Truffle, Missouri

Kakao Chocolate, Viennese Truffle, Missouri

Michael’s Chocolates, Earl Grey with Lemon Bonbon, California

Rabble-Rouser Chocolate & Craft Co., Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar, Vermont

San Juan Island Sea Salt, Chocolate Salted Honey Caramels, Washington

Sapore Della Vita, Strawberry Bar, Florida

Stone Grindz Chocolate, Spiced Tempranillo Dark Chocolate Truffles, Arizona

Table Mountain Farm, Lavender Vanilla Goat Milk Caramel, Colorado

The Blu Kitchen, Michigan Honey Marshmallows, Michigan

Wildwood Chocolate, Cardamom Honey Caramel, Oregon

Wildwood Chocolate, Orange Confit & Cherry, Oregon

Zoe’s Chocolate Co, Strawberry Shortcake, Pennsylvania


Amasu, Organic Immunity Ancient Herbal Coffee, Pennsylvania

Annie’s Ginger Elixir, Ginger Elixir, New York

Better Kombucha, Better Kombucha Apple, Alabama

Better Kombucha, Better Kombucha Blueberry, Alabama

Big B’s Fabulous Juices, Organic Lavender Lemonade, Colorado

Big B’s Hard Cider, Organic Spiced Apple Cider, Colorado

Boro Beverage Company, Pollinator Punch Kombucha, North Carolina

Boro Beverage Company, Garden Sangria Kombucha, North Carolina

Bow Hill Blueberries, Organic Heirloom Blueberry Juice, Washington

Camellia Grove Kombucha, Black Tea Kombucha, Oregon

Diaspora Co., Anamalai Cacao, California

DRAM, Beauty Bubbles Adaptogenic Sparkling Water + CBD, Colorado

DRAM, Cardamom & Black Tea Sparkling Water, Colorado

Driftwest Water Kefir, Grapefruit Tangerine Water Kefir, Oregon

Food & Ferments, Beet Kvass, New York

Happy Moose Juice, Blood Orange Bliss, California

Happy Moose Juice, Hawaiian Healer, California

Happy Moose Juice, Hella Berry, California

Hobby Farmer Canning Co., Turmeric Switchel, Minnesota

Marin Living Foods, Cacao Almond Milk, California

Mathilde’s Kitchen, Hibiscus Flower and Passion Fruit Juice, Oregon

Momo Cocoa Co., CardaMomo Cocoa Mix, Oregon

NessAlla Kombucha, Butterfly Effect Kombucha, Wisconsin

NessAlla Kombucha, Lemongrass Ginger Kombucha, Wisconsin

nib mor, Organic Mint Hot Cocoa, Connecticut

nib mor, Organic Traditional Hot Cocoa, Connecticut

Pauwela Beverage Company, Hibiscus Lychee Kombucha Tea, Hawaii

Pilot Kombucha, Pomegranate Rose Kombucha, New York

Pilot Kombucha, Turmeric Aloe Kombucha, New York

Pinole Blue, Atole Mix, Kansas

Plantnrgy, Golden Dream Superfood Mix, North Carolina

Real Pickles, Organic Beet Kvass, Massachusetts

Revolucion Coffee House, Cafe de Olla, Oregon

The Spare Food Co., Spare Tonic Lemon & Ginger, New York

Three Trees, Organic Black Sesame Almondmilk, California

Vive Organic, Immunity Boost Elderberry Wellness Shot, California

Vive Organic, Immunity Boost Original Wellness Shot, California

Vive Organic, Wellness Rescue Garlic Wellness Shot, California

Volgin Naturetech, Rye Kvass, Texas


Blake Hill Preserves, Basil & Blueberry Shrub, Vermont

Blake Hill Preserves, Spicy Jalapeno Shrub, Vermont

Blake Hill Preserves, Wild Mint Shrub, Vermont

Chico Chai, Chai Concentrate, California

Christina Maser Co., Strawberry Shrub, Pennsylvania

Cool Hand Co., Strawberry Hibiscus Jalapeño Shrub, California

El Guapo Bitters, Cajun Grenadine, Louisiana

El Guapo Bitters, Lime Cordial, Louisiana

FloraLuna Apothecary & Trading Co., Tonic Syrup, California

Girl Meets Dirt, Barrel Aged Peach Tree Bitters, Washington

Girl Meets Dirt, Island Pear with Bay Leaf Shrub, Washington


Girl Meets Dirt, Island Plum Shrub, Washington

HHH Organics, Elderberry Syrup, Florida

J.T. Copper, Pineapple Coconut Syrup, Virginia

K Bloody Mary Mix, K Bloody Mary Mix, New York

Moringa Infusions, Spearmint & Rosemary Infusion, Colorado

Old Friends Farm, Elderberry Turmeric Honey, Massachusetts

pikklepuss, Pear Ginger Shrub-Based Premium Craft Mixer, California

pikklepuss, Strawberry Pepper Shrub-Based Premium Craft Mixer, California

RAFT, Grapefruit Chile Smoked Salt Syrup, Oregon

RAFT, Orange Bitters, Oregon

RAFT, Pineapple Tamarind Syrup, Oregon

Red Root & Co, My Dear Heart Elixir, Virginia

Rhizome, Honey Lime Tonic, Oregon

Runamok Maple, Orange Maple Bitters, Vermont

Runamok Maple, Smoked Old Fashioned Cocktail Syrup, Vermont

Sauvie Shrubs, Blueberry Ginger Shrub, Oregon

Simple Goodness Sisters, Marionberry Mint Syrup, Washington

Slow Island Food & Beverage Co., Kaua’i Mai Tai Culinary Syrup, Hawaii

Sweet’s Elderberry, Sweet’s Elderberry Shrub, North Carolina

Timberwolves BBQ, Elderberry Syrup, Maine

Weathertop Farm, Blackberry Lavender Shrub, New York

Weathertop Farm, Raspberry Tulsi Rose Shrub, New York


Atlantic Sea Farms, Ready-Cut Kelp, Maine

California Caviar, Caviar Queen’s Reserve White Sturgeon, California

Cure Cooking, Fig & Balsamic Smoked Salmon, Nebraska

Daybreak Seaweed, Chipotle Spicy Seaweed Flakes, California

Daybreak Seaweed, Golden State Seasoning, California

Oregon’s Choice Gourmet, Albacore Tuna, Oregon

Oregon’s Choice Gourmet, Alderwood Smoked Chinook Salmon, Oregon

Oregon’s Choice Gourmet, Jalapeno Garlic Albacore Tuna, Oregon

St. Jude Tuna, St. Jude Tuna Original, Washington

Tsar Nicoulai Caviar, Estate Caviar, California

Vital Choice Wild Seafood & Organics, Ikura Sockeye Salmon Caviar Roe, Washington


Bayou Cora Farms, Heirloom Grits, Alabama

Bluebird Grain Farms, Cracked Farro Porridge, Washington

Deep Roots Milling, Cateto Orange Polenta, Virginia

Desert Oasis Teff & Grain, Brown Teff Grain, Nevada

Foggy Mountain Pasta, Summer Winter Cresti di Galli, Virginia

Foggy Mountain Pasta, Trinity Flour Campanelle, Virginia

Grain R & D, Malted White Sonora Wheat, Arizona

Grain R & D, Raw White Sonora Wheat, Arizona

Hummingbird Wholesale, Hulless Tibetan Black Barley, Oregon

Maine Grains, Liberation Farms Cornmeal, Maine

Marsh Hen Mill, Mill Farro Piccolo, South Carolina

Marsh Hen Mill, Sea Island Blue Grits, South Carolina

Moon and Stars Arepas, Moon and Stars Arepas, Vermont

Pastificio Boulder, Casarecce, Colorado

Pastificio Boulder, Fusilli, Colorado

Patagonia Provisions, Fusilli Organic Kernza Pasta, California

Pinole Blue, Blue Corn Tortillas, Kansas

Scratch Pasta Co., Virginia Wheat Campanelle, Virginia

Wine Forest, Forest Farro, California


Akaka Falls Farm, Lehua Honey, Hawaii

Akaka Falls Farm, Mango Blossom Honey, Hawaii

Bee Squared Apiaries, Fennel Pollen Honey, Colorado

Bees’ Needs, Black Locust, New York

Big Island Bees, Organic Hawaiian Honey: Lehua & Cinnamon, Hawaii

Cascade Girl, Million Blossom Honey, Oregon

Clif Family Napa Valley + BARE Honey, Cacao Solar Grown Honey Spread, Iowa

Clif Family Napa Valley + BARE Honey, Solar Grown Hot Honey with Cobanero Chili, Iowa

Jacobsen Co., Sauvie Island Raw Honey, Oregon

Marie’s Bees, Hazelnuts and Honey, Washington

Marie’s Bees, Honey Zinger, Washington

Marie’s Bees, The Boston Bottle, Washington

MtnHoney, Comb Honey, Georgia

MtnHoney, Sourwood Honey, Georgia

MtnHoney, Spring Wildflower Honey, Georgia

Republic of Vermont, Honeycomb, Vermont

Sequim Bee Farm, Dungeness Fields Honey, Washington

Sequim Bee Farm, Snowberry Rose Honey, Washington

Southall Farms, Wildflower Honey, Tennessee

To Bee Young Apiaries, Arden’s Urban Gold, California

To Bee Young Apiaries, Solstice, California

To Bee Young Apiaries, Wildflower Comb Honey, California

Two Million Blooms, Raw Honey, Illinois

Willoughby Specialty Foods, Honeycomb, Colorado


Bondolio Olive Oil, Sicilian Estate Blend, California

Central Coast Family Farm, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, California

Coldani Olive Ranch – Calivirgin, Guilty Garlic Olive Oil, California

Coldani Olive Ranch – Calivirgin, Hot Virgin Jalapeno Olive Oil, California

Corky’s Nuts, Cold Pressed Organic Walnut Oil, California

Frantoio Grove, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, California

Grumpy Goats Farm, Organic Coratina, California

Halter Ranch, Estate Organic Picual, California

Hoot-n-Annie Pecan Company, Premium Pecan Oil, Texas

Hudson Valley Cold Pressed Oils, Sunflower Oil, New York

Luretík, “Sicily” Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, California

Luretík, Toscana Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, California

Olivaia’s OLA, Estate Sevillano, California

Olive Truck, Tuscan Blend, California

The Queen of Trees Royal Oil, Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil, California

Winter Creek Olive Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, California


Alicia’s Tamales Los Mayas, Tomatillo Salsa, California

Alma Superfoods, Yellow Aji Cashew Butter, California

Blake Hill Preserves, Roasted Garlic Savory Jam, Vermont

Chaparral Gardens, Champagne Mimosa, California

China Live, Chef Chen’s Chili Crisp, California

China Live, Signature Chili Bean Sauce, California

Clark + Hopkins, Assam, Virginia

Clean Plate Pantry, Shakshuka Sauce, Missouri

Clean Plate Pantry, Thai Green Curry Sauce, Missouri

Clean Plate Pantry, Thai Red Curry Sauce, Missouri

Cocoa Chili Foods, Spicy Jerk Sauce & Marinade, Illinois

Dandy Sauce, Original Green, Texas

Dynamite Hill Farms, Ziinzibaakwad – Anishinaabe Maple Sugar, Michigan

Firefly Kitchens, Kimchi Hot Sauce, Washington

Fix & Fogg, Smoke and Fire Peanut Butter, Texas

Haxan Ferments, Tomatillo Poblano Hot Sauce, Washington

Haxan Ferments, Washington Merlot Red Wine Vinegar, Washington

Hot Mama Salsa, Habanero Hot Sauce, Oregon

Humble House, Poblano & Serrano: Salsita Verde Cremosa, Texas

Julz’s Creations, Kind of a Big Deal, North Carolina

Khalsa Salsa, Indian Fusion Classic Salsa, Oregon

La Porteña, Mom’s Green Chimichurri, Oregon

Lindera Farms, Heirloom Pepper Vinegar, Virginia

Love Hard, Jojo’s Sriracha – Bourbon Barrel, Colorado

Love Hard, Jojo’s Sriracha – Green Chili, Colorado

Old Brooklyn Mustards, Bohemian Blend, Ohio

Once Again Nut Butter, Organic Lightly Sweetened Sunflower Hemp Butter with Hemp Oil, New York

Pappy & Company, Pappy Van Winkle 23-Year Bourbon Barrel-Aged Pure Maple Syrup Limited-Edition Batch, Kentucky

Pappy & Company, Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon Barrel-Aged Pepper Sauce, Kentucky

Republic Of Vermont, Cultured Maple Syrup, Vermont

Sakari Farms, Salsa Morada Hot Sauce, Oregon

Sibeiho, AF Chili Chunka Sambal, Oregon

SMÜTH Butters, Honey Amaranth Superfood Almond Butter, California

So Good Food, Garlic ‘n’ Dill Miso Mayo, California

Sonoma Sauces, Mango Pinot Grigio Sauce, California

Spice Of Life, Eggplant Tomato Sauce, Maryland

Texas Q, All Natural Slow Burn BBQ Sauce, Texas

The Juice Hive, Watermelon Rind Chutney, South Carolina

Wild Yeti Food Co., Savory Garlic & Ginger Spread, New York

Yo Pitts! Foods, TPzzz Spicy Yellow Mustard, New York


Blue Bus Cultured Foods, Cortido, Washington 

Blue Bus Cultured Foods, Sauerkraut, Washington 

Crisp & Co., Spicy Dilly Beans, Pennsylvania

Cure Cooking, Lime Beans, Nebraska

Fermenter, North Coast Kraut, Oregon 

Fermenti, Kimchi, North Carolina

Frux Farm, Pickled Beets, Oregon 

Last Of Seven, LO7 Pickled Carrots, California

Local Culture Ferments, Turmeric + Ginger + Jalapeno Sauerkraut, California

Mendo Ferments, Fresh Turmeric Sauerkraut, California

Mountain Girl Pickles, Pickled Okra, Colorado

Naples Canning Company, Pickled Jalapeno + Fresno Peppers, Florida

OlyKraut, Sour Pickles, Washington

Oregon Brineworks, Spicy Dill Pickle, Oregon 

Oregon Brineworks, Spicy Kraut, Oregon

Pin Up Pickles, Pickled Strawberries, Vermont

Pin Up Pickles, Bread&Butters, Vermont

Quince And Apple, Forward Provisions Hot Giardiniera, Wisconsin

Salt And Savour, Red Cabbage and Ginger Sauerkraut, California

Slow Brine, Coastside Kraut, California

The Juice Hive, Korean Pickled Elephant Garlic, South Carolina

The Spicy Hermit, Butternut Squash Kimchi, North Carolina

The Tipsy Pickle, Double Garlic Lush Pickles, Vermont

The Tipsy Pickle, Hart Bread N Butter, Vermont

The Tipsy Pickle, Maple Breakfast Stout Pickles, Vermont

True Kimchi, White Kimchi, Indiana

Valhalla Organics, Keto-Friendly Sweet Pickled Beets, Oregon

Valley Brook Farms, Bread & Butter Pickle Chips, North Carolina


Akaka Falls Farm, Calamondin Lilikoi Marmalade, Hawaii

Akaka Falls Farm, Poi Coconut Butter, Hawaii

Atwater’s, Strawberry Elderflower Jam, Maryland

Blake Hill Preserves, Raspberry with Wild Bergamot Flower Jam, Vermont

Bow Hill Blueberries, Organic Blueberry Confiture, Washington

Coldwater Canyon Provisions, Pomegranate Jelly, California

Coldwater Canyon Provisions, White Nectarine Jam, California

Gables Delight, Mango Jalapeño Spicy Jam, Florida

Georgia Jams, Lemon Ginger Spread, Georgia

Girl Meets Dirt, Pink Bartlett Cutting Preserves, Washington

Grandma’s Gourmets, Strawberry, Sumac and Bay Leaf Jam, Minnesota

Gus And Grey, Cherub, Michigan

Gus And Grey, Quintessential, Michigan

Happy Girl Kitchen, Strawberry Orange Jam, California

Jams By Kim, Peach and Ginger Jam, New Jersey

Johnson Berry Farm, Strawberry Lemonade Jam, Washington

Josh Pond, Strawberry Preserves, Maine

Mae’s Gourmet Jams, Blueberry Lemongrass Jam, Mississippi

Mrs. Ruth’s Jams, Strawberry Lemonade Jam, North Carolina

Mt. Hope Farms, Aronia Haskap Fruit Spread, Oregon

Mt. Hope Farms, Raspberry Marionberry Fruit Spread, Oregon

Mt. Hope Farms, Tayberry Ginger Fruit Spread, Oregon

Pantless Jams, Strawberry Rhubarb, Michigan

RedCamper, Pueblo Chile Peach Deliciousness, Colorado

sabā jam, Mulberry Plum Jam, California

sabā jam, Tayberry Rose Jam, California

Slow Stir Foods, Raspberry XO, California

V Smiley Preserves, Plum Anise Hyssop Lemon Verbena Jam, Vermont

Valley Brook Farms, Brandied Peach Jam, North Carolina

Yumé Boshi, Mandarinquat & Ume Plum Marmalade, California


Best Ever Granola, Dark Chocolate Chia, Pennsylvania

Blue Skies Bakery, Columbia Gorge Classic Granola, Washington

China Live, Peking Duck Fat Caramel Popcorn, California

ENZO’S TABLE, Clovis Crunch Granola, California

ENZO’S TABLE, Lemon Almond Biscotti, California

Flouwer Co., No. 1 Artisanal Cracker, Colorado

Gather Nuts, Turmeric Curry Cashews, Oregon

Hummingbird Wholesale, Awakened Walnuts, Oregon

Hungry Bird Eats, Rye + Sea Salt Nordic Crisps, New Jersey

JAI MIX, Spicy Toasted Coconut and Ginger Snack Mix, Colorado

Jamie’s Farm, Rosemary Granola, New York

Moonshot Snacks, Climate Friendly Crackers: Rosemary Garlic, California

Moonshot Snacks, Climate Friendly Crackers: Sourdough Sea Salt, California

My 3 Sisters Italian Cookies, Cran-Raisin Orange Cookie with Walnuts, Maine

Nana Joes Granola, Paleo Sunrise Series: Dark Chocolate, Almond Butter & Pecan, California

New Beat Foods, Quinoa Crackers – Sesame Swing, Colorado

Nina’s Fresh Batch, O’ts Dark Chocolate Aleppo Pepper Oatmeal Cookie, New York

On Tap Kitchen, Maple Pretzel Crunch, Colorado

On Tap Kitchen, Pretzel Shortbread Cookies, Colorado

Petite Soeur, Dark Cocoa Sablé, Washington, D.C. 

Santé Nuts, Candied Pecans, California

shār snacks, shār, Texas

Sibeiho, OMG! Sambal Kachang, Oregon

The Cracker King, Rosemary & Sea Salt, Oregon

The Juice Hive, Superfruit Roll-Up, South Carolina

The Lentil House, Smoked Paprika & Sea Salt Gourmet Fried Lentils, Florida

Theo Chocolate, Double Chocolate Cookie Bites, Washington

Theo Chocolate, Mint Chocolate Cookie Bites, Washington

Toodaloo, Turning Heads – Chocolate Trail Mix, Texas

‘Ulu Mana, ‘Ulu Chips – Cool Lime, Hawaii

Wackym’s Kitchen, Lemon Crunchy Cookies, Texas

Wackym’s Kitchen, Salted Caramel Crunchy Cookies, Texas

Wackym’s Kitchen, The Temptress Crunchy Cookies, Texas


18th Street Distillery, Rye Whiskey, Indiana

18th Street Distillery, Rum, Indiana

Appalachian Gap Distillery, Drumlin Champlain Valley Straight Rye Whiskey, Vermont

Appanage Brands, Ortolan Rosolio, California

Blue Barren Distillery, Barren’s Sugar Kelp Vodka, Maine

Deerhammer Distillery, American Single Malt – Port Cask Finish, Colorado

Good Vodka, Good Vodka, New York

Falcon Spirits Distillery, Fernet Francisco Ruibarbo, California

Falcon Spirits Distillery, Fernet Francisco Whisky Cask, California

Home Base Spirits, Bourbon, California

Letherbee Distillers, Fernet, Illinois

Mommenpop, Blood Orange Aperitif, California

Roulaison Distilling Co, Barrel Aged Reserve Rum, Louisiana

Salute!, VICARIO Herba Luisa Liqueur, South Carolina

Spirit Works Distillery, Straight Rye Whiskey, California

Tattersall Distilling Company, Organic Vodka, Minnesota

Wright & Brown Distilling Company, Straight Rye Whiskey, California