Meet the

Founding Members

Who joined us for the first-time ever at the San Francisco Good Food Mercantile

The Japanese Pantry is dedicated to bringing the best quality artisanal Japanese ingredients that we have found in our travels in Japan to professional and recreational cooks in the United States.


The Rogers Collection is an exceptional importer of extraordinary foods of distinctive quality, handmade by artisan producers committed to traditional production methods in southern Europe, the Middle East and the Mahgreb.


Columbia Cheese focuses on finding best-in-class cheese to represent the great heritage and traditions of cheesemaking. They strive to showcase innovative cheesemakers who have broken out of the stereotype of their respective region.

Forever Cheese imports the highest quality, most exceptional unique cheeses and specialty foods from the Mediterranean. To us, it is not enough just to bring these products to market; we celebrate those who make them, share their traditions, and highlight their terroir.

RITROVO SELECTIONS™ is an internationally acclaimed importer and wholesale distributor of fine Italian goods, including Artisan Vinegars and Olive Oils, Pastas, Sauces and Condiments, Grains, Nuts, Legumes, Salts, Spices, Spreads, Crackers, Cookies and Chocolates.

Manicaretti is an importer and wholesaler of fine Italian foods to retailers and restaurants.

Based in the Bronx, Gustiamo sources ingredients and products with great care and pay close attention to craftsmanship, legitimacy, and above all, superior quality and taste.

Philosophy Foods are purveyors of fine and artisanal foods, who put as much passion into promoting these products as their producers put into creating them.