Frequently Asked Questions

The Mercantile is an industry-only trade show focused on developing wholesale relationships between crafters and merchants. If you’re a merchant, distributor or in the media, we’d love for you attend!

Good Food Guild members are also allowed two passes to check out the show and see if its a good fit.

All crafters who have passed the sustainability vetting to become a Good Food Guild member are eligible to show at the Mercantile.

Each crafter showing at the Mercantile is given a 6 ft table, a neutral linen, a crafter sign, 2 crafter badges and a small trash receptacle. Both cold and dry storage warehousing is also provided for crafters who would like to ship product ahead of time.

For an additional fee, crafters can request electricity, coolers, wine glasses or a champagne bucket.

You may show and sample your entire product line. It is NOT limited to Good Food Award winning products or Good Food Award categories.

There are no direct sales at the Mercantile. Crafters may sample and take wholesale orders.

The Traveling Mercantile changes cities each year. So far, we have visited Chicago, D.C., Portland and LA.

Want us to bring the show to your town? Email us at