Good Food Originals

A line of experimental new products available exclusively during an initial six month period at member stores of the Good Food Merchants Alliance.

Partnering with visionary producers and retailers, Good Food Originals is a line of experimental new products available exclusively during an initial six month period at member stores of the Good Food Merchants Alliance, a growing group of 34 retailers united in support of great American food crafters and a thriving independent retail landscape. The project enables values-aligned makers and merchants to help each other: Merchants unite to buy the first batch of a new product and lower risk and uncertainty inherent in a new launch, while makers enable top merchants to offer something unique that distinguishes their shelves.

Over time, the red Good Food Originals logo will become a cue to consumers interested in new on a specially curated items, exceptional in both taste and sustainability.

Continuing the virtuous cycle, makers of Good Food Originals pledge a portion of sales to the Good Food Fund that coordinates these collaborations that supports the launch of new Good Food Originals, pushing the envelope towards a humanized and more sustainable food system. The select group of Good Food Originals crafters have the opportunity to develop relationships with the best independent retail stores in the U.S. and be featured in Good Food Foundation marketing and social media.

Good Food Originals is a project of the Good Food Foundation, developed with key merchant and maker advisors, supported by an Advisory Committee, including Wendy Robinson of Market Hall Foods, Debra Dickerson of Tomales Bay Foods/Cowgirl Creamery, Hunter Fike of Di Bruno Bros and Scott Frank of Rustic Bakery. The project was launched through the support of Good Food Fund Founding Funders.

Interested in stocking Originals? Send an email to to learn more about the Merchants Alliance.