Introducing the first of six projects from the Good Food Fund: Good Food Originals

Good Food Originals

Partnering with visionary producers and retailers, Good Food Originals is a line of innovative new products launching exclusively at member stores of the Good Food Merchants Collaborative. All makers of Good Food Originals pledge a portion of sales to the Good Food Fund that coordinates these collaborations, supporting the launch of new projects that push the envelope towards a humanized and more sustainable food system.

The first project from Good Food Originals is Hop Along, a cider-washed cheese from Cowgirl Creamery made with organic milk from Straus Family Creamery. The rind is washed with organic cider from Apple Bite Cider and enhances a supple, luxurious paste. The rich and silky texture is balanced beautifully with a bright tartness, which makes it perfect for cooking and great for snacking. Hop along pairs well with toasted nuts, figs in Port, Prosciutto and delicate dry cured meat, like Bresaola. The first batch of 150 wheels is exclusive to members of the Good Food Merchants Collaborative and Cowgirl Creamery will contribute 50 cents of every pound sold to the Good Food Foundation.

Hop Along can be found at the following stores:

Bi-Rite Market (18th Street & Divisadero)
Canyon Market
Market Hall Foods

Check back to see the names of more participating Good Food Merchants Collaborative stores.

Our Goal

with the Good Food Fund is to launch the following six projects and develop them to be self-sustaining by the end of 2020:
  • Exclusive Product Program: A series of collaborations with Good Food Award winners launched in the Merchants Collaborative stores
  • Good Food Gifts: Unique Good Food Awards-branded holiday gift boxes sold at the stores of the 22 Good Food Merchants Collaborative Members
  • Staff Exchanges: Structured staff swaps to facilitate sharing amongst independent retailers, also creating a unique perk for retaining talent
  • Merchants’ Summit: Annual gathering to discuss common challenges, from the rise of online retailing to strengthening culture and magnifying impact
  • Food Tours: Immersive trips for independent retailers to experience our country’s vibrant food traditions, building new relationships and commerce
  • Coordinated Marketing: Streamlined and amplified messaging about the values of good food via combined networks of crafters and retailers


As the Good Food Fund continues to grow, new projects will be added.  The Good Food Fund will continue to support the food community by evaluating the needs of crafters & merchants to propose a new set of projects aimed at fortifying a thriving independent food system.

Interested in making a contribution?

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