Scoring Determination

The Good Food Awards Finalists and Winners are determined using scores from the Blind Tasting as well as a vetting process, which verifies that Finalists and Winners meet industry-specific environmental and social criteria. All entrants who receive a top score in the Blind Tasting are asked to complete a Vetting Questionnaire, which helps the Good Food Awards Committees guarantee that Finalists and Winners meet the outlined criteria.

Choosing Finalists

Within every category, the five highest-scoring producers from each of five regions (Central, East, North, South and West) are named Good Food Awards Finalists if they pass the vetting process. Because committees establish category-specific minimum scores needed to become Finalists, categories may end up with fewer than five Finalists per region when top-scoring entries do not achieve this minimum score. Additionally, upon the rare occasion that entrants are disqualified during the vetting process, this may result in the naming of fewer than five Finalists per region if the top-scoring runners-up do not achieve the minimum score or pass the vetting process. In the case of a tie, more than five Top-Scorers may be named Finalists.

Choosing Winners

The Good Food Awards Winners are chosen by selecting the three highest-scoring Finalists from each region within each category. In the case that any of the three highest-scoring entrants in a region do not meet the established minimum score needed to win, there may be fewer than three Winners named per region. In the case of a tie, more than three Finalists may be named Winners.

Please note that numerical scores are based solely on the outcomes of the Blind Tasting rather than the vetting process. We understand that the merits of different responsible business practices vary by industry, region and business. We therefore do not rate sustainability practices, but rather use the vetting process to ensure that the Good Food Awards truly recognize the most conscientious and talented craft food producers in the United States.

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